What would USyd be without Western Civilisation?



When the Ramsay Centre was first announced, the social justice warriors on campus predictably went into outrage mode. It was racist, they said. It was sexist, they cried. They pulled out all of the usual complaints. (Their utility belt of trite, overused catch cries would put Bruce Wayne to shame).

What these leftie do-gooders fail to understand is that not only is the University of Sydney one of the greatest institutions in the history of Western civilisation, all their Women’s Studies lectures and African American literature tutorials are gifted to them by that very institution. Maybe it would serve these naysayers well to actually enrol in the course and gain an appreciation of the free, democratic society that permits their criticism.

But how about we humour them for a minute. Let’s all imagine that they’re right—as crazy as that may be—and picture a world free of the horrid grip of Western Civilisation. I can guarantee it would look a lot different—and they would not like it!

Our university was established in 1857, a good seventy years after our British ancestors came in the First Fleet. The harpies on campus would have you believe that event was one of the most egregious in the history of Western civilisation. So would they prefer a world where it never happened?

Would they prefer if none of our culture, infrastructure or scientific advances ever made it to the Great Southern Land? Where Indigenous Australians continued to use their governance and social organisation systems?

Perhaps that could’ve worked. Who knows. But do you think for a second that our delayed arrival would mean that Indigenous Australians could get on with their lives unmolested by outside forces?

No. It just means that a few years later the Chinese would come down and take it all anyway.

Now, if the rabid left on campus thought an Australia developed in the Western tradition was a bad idea, wait until they see what a Chino-Australia would look like.

The University of Sydney would be unrecognisable.

In accordance with Chinese regulations regarding institutes of higher learning, their universities “must not have content that opposes or attacks other countries or peoples, or [promotes] illegal public movements.” I guess that means no more pro-Palestine demonstrations on campus.

Say goodbye to your plastic straws. And your plastic spoons and forks too. Not for any environmental reason. No, in this dark, alternate universe we’d be lumped with wooden chopsticks simply because those Shanghai Knights seem to think it makes eating easier. Let me tell you this for free: it isn’t. How utterly degrading!

President Xi Jinping even said that Chinese universities “must adhere to the correct political orientation.” Maybe loony lefties wouldn’t mind that one at all. I guess it just depends on your definition of “correct”.

Now, I could write thousands and thousands of words about why Western civilisations run laps around the alternatives. I could make rational, well-reasoned arguments. I could give you facts and logic. But it wouldn’t matter. The anti-Ramsay protestors wouldn’t care. Once they sink their teeth into something like this they just shake and snarl until the sane, rational people give up and walk away.

So, to all the lefties on campus who would rather literally see me die than sit down for an adult conversation, I say this: gather ye rosebuds while ye may. Have fun destroying Western civilisation; you’ll miss it when it’s gone.