My Oriental Beauty, I Can Protect You: USyd Love Letters

USyd’s lonely hearts reach out in the cold, cold night. 

Missed Connection

To the petite beauty I saw at Taste Cafe at 1600 hours on Tuesday. Your jet black hair hasn’t left my mind since our chance encounter. Should I say chance? No. It was fate. Destiny, is what I think your people would say. Since that day, I’ve searched far and wide. I’ve looked in Cabramatta, Hurstville, Eastwood to no avail. Where are you? My Wechat ID is lkng4azn192092562. Hit me up onegaishimau.

Keith Miller, Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies)

Sound of Music

You were playing the piano on the top level of Manning. I’m something of a pianist myself. I love Yiruma—‘River Flows in You’ is a classic piece of piano, do you know it? You probably do. Your soft fingers pushed the keys so delicately. Perhaps you can teach me how to use chopsticks over some pho? My Wechat ID is mklspnc193937471.

Todd Archibald, Bachelor of Arts (Japanese Cinema)

Let me be your saviour

My oriental beauty, I can protect you from all the perils of this world. Having been honed in the art of languages from a young age, you won’t need subtitles from me. “Woah ai ni” I’ll whisper to you—I promise, babygirl. No more fighting. We’ll put an end to the confllict. Let our love be the bridge over the South China Sea. WeChat: istudiedtheblade192301890.

Chad Murray Michael, Bachelor of Arts (Korean)/Bachelor of Laws