Defund Honi Soit

I know what you’re thinking. Honi Soit has always been a provocative rag. A peddler of counterculture and progressive resistance. Very well. But actions have consequences. The past year has been one disaster after another; one disgraceful editorial decision collapsing into the next. The students of Sydney University deserve more.

Now I’m all for free speech. But free speech exists so people can say things like “we’re being taxed too much”, or “Manus Island isn’t actually that bad”.

And it’s these same freedom-hating Juche fetishists who spit chips when the real truthtellers on campus hold power to account. And your money pays for all of it!

Conservatives on campus face enough problems getting votes and clout, suffering as they do by unprepossessing countenances. They do not need the added obstacle of leftist triggered snowflakes with a student-funded platform.

The Honi team are a bunch of nogoodniks untroubled by the law. Criminal acts were described and endorsed. Our friends at The Daily Telegraph rightly wondered why students pay for this immoral tripe.

This claptrap has been going on for far too long, volke. All Honi teams are just as disposed to madness as this one. But at least previous iterations had some good content to offset their transgressions. The same cannot be said of this supercilious, self-aggrandising, attention-seeking rabble. The call, therefore, is an easy one to make: Scott Morrison, end this scam now… stop directing compulsory student payments towards a publication that is so unabashedly polemical, so unthinkingly provocative and so unashamedly anti-student.

Still disagree with me? Compare their reprobate antics with the grandeur of the right’s finest, itemised in this list. I hope the comparison throws their degeneracy into stark relief.